Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Memory Monday # 77

     I just got back from a two week trip with my darling daughter, Andrea. The first week out, we went to a workshop in the home of Susan Shie, a fabulous fiber artist who lives in Wooster, Ohio..(that is "WUS...ter" we were told...not like ROOster!)  We had an absolutely wonderful time and learned so much! Which I will write more about later...but now for my memory post!
   Actually this is a  combined post...the years I was at Mizzou, a favorite hamburger/ beer joint was The Shack.  It sat right across the street from campus and had quite a reputation for the best burgers (secret recipe) and fun atmosphere!

Above insert is the Shack as I knew it!
Look closely....you might see my name there!  Carving on the walls and tables was encouraged!
A guy named Jim Lowe attended Mizzou...he must have hung out at the Shack too because he wrote a song "The Green Door" (click on link to hear it) which was in reference to the Shack's Green Door!  There is a line "what's that secret you're keepin'?" which is about their great hamburgers...a fun song!
     Now, the connection to our workshop is with the collaborated work we did together..the three students (myself, my daughter, Andrea and another fun lady, Mary) and teacher Suzie! We learned three basic techniques: painting on fabric, air brush and air pen.  After doing a couple of starts of our own (later info), we decided to do a collaboration where we all added to the quilt.  We started with our airbrush technique and our theme for the day was "houses".
Top right-Andrea (tree house), top left-Mine (castle)
Bottom left-Susan's, bottom right-Mary
Then we all added more and more details..whatever we added to our own, we added to each others!
Each time we changed color of the paint used for airbrush. 
At this point, Andrea had painted all our doors with green paint...which triggered my memory of The Shack and the Green Door! So I pulled up the song for everyone...Susan, although younger than I, was the only one besides myself who knew it!
And at one point, Susan added Sphinxes..another object Andrea had in her first quilt.
Then after we decided the whole had enough on it, we cut it into four sections, then added more of our own personal ideas!  The picture above is really the quilt from the back; I wanted to show the vividness of the colors by showing how bright they are on the back side.
This is a picture of all our work this week...our collaborated is the four in the center which we titled "The Mystery of the Sphinx...Behind the Green Door!"!!  Realize, none of these are completed...there will be more details added, embellishing, stitching, quilting.



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