Thursday, October 30, 2014

studioQ meeting

     Last Monday, my fiber arts group studioQ, met for our monthly get together...what a great bunch!  Everyone but one was present...we always learn so much from each other.  We just finished our latest challenge...Our "Color Chip Challenge" and are ready to start something new.  But first we have our own "show and tell"...this month many of us had been to classes all over and had stuff to show!

 I had attended a Susan Shie workshop in Wooster, Ohio which I had blogged about earlier. I went with my daughter...we had so much fun and learned so much!

From a class Wendy took
Wendy and Heather had traveled to another town in Ohio and had taken a color/design class from Terry Jarrad Dimond. The pictures here are just a few of what Wendy did. This is a workshop I would love to attend!

Acrylic painting on tar paper!
And Beth took a class on painting on tar paper while she and her husband were on a trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico...he took the class too...a big first for both of them for this kind of painting!

A class on color discharge
Nancy took a class at Coupeville, Washington from Carol Soderlund on Color Discharge. I want to do this is at the Pacific Northwest Art School on Whidbey Island off the coast of Washington!
Dyanna and Lynn
Dyanna and Lynn had just gotten back from a trip to Italy.  While there they took a class on marbling.  I wish this was a better picture because their stuff is really  pretty!

And several others had really neat stuff to show too....
a Bethany creation
Bethany, playing around with grommets!

Kay-using her own hand dyes!

And another one of Kay's with hand dyes!

Beth has finished her last color chip challenge

And Susan has completed another sketchbook!
Then we did a little activity to get us started on our next challenge.  Wendy and Heather had both taken classes from Nancy Crow and one of the techniques they learned several years ago was to create an element then use it repeatedly in various ways...size, color, etc.

Working away on my dining room table!
Showing off what we did
This is kind of fuzzy but is the only one with ME in it...I am usually taking the pictures!
We drew several squares and created line designs in them.  Then we created our elements with black and white paper. For our next meeting we are to make up several units out of black and white fabric of a couple of our favorite sketches.  We will play around with them on a design wall to see what we can do with them....then we will see where it will take us!!!
     And, of course, the last thing...most of us went out to lunch together!!!!

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