Monday, October 6, 2014

Memory Monday # 75

    As I had earlier stated, I had pledged Zeta Tau Alpha...not really knowing a thing about sororities.  It was a good decision for me...a couple of my friends who went through rush also pledged Zeta so that was fun to be living near some fellow pledges! And my pledge mother was also from Illinois...Judy (which was also my sister's name)...a senior and also Pledge Captain, so she was not only in charge of me but the whole pledge class!
     Freshmen girls could not live in the sorority house, which was a good idea because the friends we made as Freshmen were probably the ones we remained closest to in later years, regardless of what sorority we pledged...and even with those who never least I did.

My Zeta Pledge class 1958-59-being tall I am on the back row! Third from left.
The Prez-pinning on my pledge pin
Dad's weekend at the sorority
My pledge mom and her dad on the left; my dad and I on the right!

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