Thursday, October 23, 2014

Three Generations

     This past weekend, my other darling daughter, Marti, invited me to go with her to Nacogdoches, TX to visit Kathleen..daughter/ granddaughter. She was being initiated into her sorority on Saturday; Marti had been a Zeta at the same campus, Stephen F. Austin, where she also attended college.  And I had been a Zeta at the University of Missouri (my Memory Monday topic for awhile).
      It is about a three plus hour drive; we got there a little after noon.  Kathleen's initiation was to be at 2:00.  There were 45 pledges going through the ceremony and they had broken it into nine groups/ five each.  Marti and I got there about 1:30 and got to look around at all the gift boxes the Big Sisters had made up full of all kinds of gifts for their Little Sisters.
      Then we were escorted into the meeting room, secret knock, secret handshake and all!!  We had been requested to wear all white, as all the girls...actives and pledges were dressed.  We both had white slacks, white shirts and white shoes!  As we wandered around town before going to the sorority house, we thought of all kinds of professions we could serve in our "uniforms"! From nurses to ice cream truck drivers!

Three Generations of Zetas!
After all the initiations were over, we all got together in the House dining room where the girls got to delve into their boxes!  
Kathleen's Basket
Later the three of us and Kathleen's Big sis went out to dinner. 
Kathleen and Sarah
The next day, Marti and I picked Kathleen up at her dorm, got a tour of the campus, then had brunch before taking her back to school and we hit the road home.  

An abstract Lumberjack-my interpretation! (The Lumberjack is SFA's mascot.)
Kathleen with her mom, Marti in front of a statue of Stephen F. Austin
Great weekend with  some of my favorite people!!

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