Monday, October 27, 2014

Memory Monday # 78

     Still a Freshman at Mizzou!  Making some life long friends! Because I was a Freshman, I couldn't live in the Zeta house, but pledges met thera lot of time.  We had our pledge meetings; there were social occasions; we would eat Sunday dinner there once a month.  My pledge mom was a Junior from Wood River, Illinois.  She was one of the reasons I pledged Zeta...the fact she was from Illinois as was I; she was tall as was I; and she had a great sense of humor!  It so happened she was also Pledge Leader which meant she was "in charge" of making sure we were all learning all the stuff we needed to learn, and keeping tabs on us  to see how our grades were doing!  We had to have a 2.5 or better in order to be initiated.
     I was probably a bit of a disappoint to her because I was NOT a good student!  I came to the BIG University from a very small high school and had no idea how to study. I was also very impressed by all the FUN that could be had!!!!  And all the boys to date!!! Who knew!!!
     The first time I saw The Stables...what became one of my favorite hangouts...was the first or second week of school.  My pledge mom had fixed me up with a really cute guy whose fraternity was right next door to Zetas; he said do you want to go to the Stables? I remember this was a a week night, and I said I didn't know what that was! So we drove this real "dive" looking is out on the edge of town....being a week night, there were not very many people there.  My first instinct parents would not approve of this!  So I said I didn't think I wanted to go in...he didn't ask me out again!  Must have thought I was a real prude!
Picture it at night with no crowd!
As I said, it became a favorite in months to come!  This picture really doesn't do it really was a dive, but it  is where I learned what TGIF meant...and my best bud and I would hit up any one with a car that we could find to hitch a ride out there on Friday.  When I hear of and see pics of college parties today, I think we were really pretty tame compared to now.  Beer flowed freely but there were no drugs...that I knew of...and girls had curfews so even though we might think we were partying high...we knew we had to head back to the dorm before lock out!

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