Monday, October 13, 2014

Memory Monday #76

     Here I am...a freshman...finding my way around campus (and I don't know if I told you or not but I was and am directionally challenged!) so finding my way around was more of a chore for me than some, I am sure.
     Mizzou had two distinct campuses..the Red Campus and the White Campus!  A very brilliant observation...most of the buildings on the Red campus were made of red was the older campus; and the buildings on the White campus...yep..were mostly made up of white brick.  I had classes on both.  As a freshman, there are a few required classes that all Freshmen take...English being one.  Most of my classes were on the Red campus as that is where the Liberal Arts and School of Education were located. Jesse Hall with the columns lining a large quad was the focal had a dome at the top...very impressive.  The Student Union on White campus, had a tall rampart/castle-like tower. Both of these landmarks were my guides to which campus I needed to head you would find me looking skyward for my directions! Probably not the usual way for most!

The Student Union on White Campus
Jesse Hall with columns on Red Campus
   Both campuses were about a mile from my dorm...and we hoofed it back and forth twice a day!  If I had morning and afternoon classes with just a short break for lunch, I would stay on campus and grab a bite to eat there; but if classes were more than an hour apart, I'd head back to the dorm for lunch and back to afternoon classes...a schedule which was more than half the time! I could walk that mile in about 10 minutes then!

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