Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Trip North with Andrea

     We have had two studio days with Susan Shie....very interesting person.  We have so much in common on political thinking...partly a Generational thing, partly an artist's state of mind thing! We are learning quite a bit...I like her approach to creative process. She starts us out with 10 minutes of drawing time ....sketching silently about whatever! Then we go to the theme of the day, preset by decision of the group from a list we created together.
     First day was "Time"...

My sketch...morning time/evening time, time in a bottle, the persistence of time, time is like a river flowing to the sea.

Show and tell of painted surface so far.

     Today, we elected the theme "family" to work on for tomorrow. And this evening, we went to a lecture at Wooster College with the author, Amy Tan....very interesting!

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