Wednesday, September 24, 2014

TVQG Show 2014

     This past weekend was the Trinity Valley Quilters' Guild annual show.  This year we held the show for only Friday and Saturday.  Venue where we hold the show seems to get more expensive to rent every year, and Sunday attendance always has been pretty light.  Thus the decision to cut out one day!  So we will see how that worked out when all the totaling is done!
      I had entered four for the Members Only Challenge, and three in the Art Quilts category.  And I had donated two small quilts for the scholarship auction.  I was pleased to say I received two ribbons! The Members Only Challenge is designated by the theme of the show...this year the theme of the show was "Holidaze" so we were to make a wall hanging size quilt that depicted our favorite Holiday!  Of course, we were encouraged to do unusual holidays to make it more fun!  I had been wanting to do some wool applique for quite awhile which I have explained on a previous blog, so that was my entry in the challenge..."Celebrating the Flower"...and to my surprise, I was one of the five winners!
My "Celebrating the Flower"
And another real surprise was when they announced my name for one of the three ribbons given for the miniature quilts at the Scholarship Auction!

Miniature Paper Pieced Log Cabin
I had several friends who were winners too...many from my art quilt group!
My friend Kay won first in the Art Quilts with her hand-dyed.
Wendy won second place/Art Quilts also hand-dyed fabrics

Heather won third place with her "A New Riff"
And Wendy also won an Honorable Mention with her "Calligraphy"
     So all in all, we had a very successful show!  Now time to get started on quilts for next year! And I do have an idea working in my head!!!

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  1. I enjoyed seeing your creations in person. It was a really nice show. I took lots of photos that need editing before I can blog about them.