Monday, September 15, 2014

Memory Monday # 72

     I missed writing my Memory Monday last week because I wrote my blog for the Around the World Blog here goes for this week...Freshman year of college!

     After WWII, 1945, many military men were coming back to go to college on the GI bill so colleges had to build temporary dorms to house the influx.  Mizzou was no exception...but some of those "temporary dorms" lasted longer that anticipated.  So in 1958, as I entered college, Mizzou was in the middle of dorm growth.  There were three "hi rise" dorms being of the line, but unfortunately not completed by the time the semester was to begin! So those of us who were to be assigned to the new dorms were assigned to the temporary, barrack-like dorms! This picture is not the dorms we had but they are very similar...wood frame, one story...ours were a little longer and there were only two sets of them side by side.

Temporary dorms
   Actually it was pretty cool...because they were to be torn down once the new dorms were finished, we could do about anything we wanted to them...paint the walls, hang anything on the walls, etc.

I am painting our names on our door! That is my desk by the door.
Sherri painted her walls and ceiling
We had bunk beds!  Pretty cool, huh?
Radiators for heat...and we each had a dresser and shared a closet.
     Another pretty neat thing was our cafeteria was the same cafeteria where the ROTC guys ate!  Of course we did have to walk to it in all kinds of weather, but that meant about 60 Freshmen girls eating with every guy on campus in ROTC!

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