Monday, September 29, 2014

Memory Monday # 74

      Any girls who lived on campus, in dorms, had some pretty strict rules.  We had "hours"; we had to be signed in to our dorms by 10:30 Sunday-Thursday and 11:00 on Friday and Saturday...and all Freshmen girls HAD to live on campus.  We had sign out/in cards and at the given time to be in, the doors were locked.  Of course, someone stayed on the desk to unlock the doors for latecomers and if someone was late it was noted.  I don't remember the exact number of late minutes you could accumulate before getting detention, but it was meted out...the number of minutes one was late was noted and tallyed.!  One did get four "late nights" a year/ two per semester.  If there was a big dance or something, you could apply for a late had to be done ahead of time and approved, so if you had too many late minutes, it might be denyed!
     I knew no one when I went to Mizzou but I made some pretty great friends who became lifelong buddies!  Even though we didn't always see each other in later years, we kept in touch at Christmas and followed each others' marriages, babies, and in later years, deaths.
     Most of the girls I got to know, with the exception of Mary Jane, were from either St. Louis or Kansas City.
My buddy, Nancy-St. Louis
Sue-St. Louis
Pat-Kansas City
Susie-St. Louis
And I had already posted pics of Mary Jane from South Dakota and Sherri from Kansas City.   There will be other friends added as time goes by, but these six were kind of my core friends from the dorm.

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