Saturday, September 27, 2014

Day Two of Trip North

      Andrea and I are having the best time! We have just laughed ourselves silly several times as only we can! Once not the best timing as I was driving, had just stuck a caramel in my mouth and was in traffic! But we made it!
     Andrea drove from Little Rock to Memphis where we stopped at an information center right on the river.

     There was a festival going on at Mud Island, and we could here the Memphis music wafting across the water.  Statues of two of men who brought fame to Memphis...Elvis and BB Ki. Nice  visit!
     Then I drove the rest of the day...we made one more full stop at the Casey Jones' house and museum.

We had thought to get a bit of lunch but the food was buffet style  and not very appetizing so we just settled for ice cream! Will just go on through to Bowling Green to spend the night. Had a really long traffic back up on the North side of Nashville. But we survived!

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