Monday, September 8, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop

     A few weeks ago, my friend Heather tagged me to write a blog for the "Around the World Blog Hop".  I was supposed to post today...and here it is 11:PM and I am just now getting it done!  The idea is to tag two or three other other bloggers and answer four questions in this blog.  So hear goes!  I just tagged one person, Kate North; Kate lives in England and we have shared blogs for several years as well as a  couple of internet exchanges.  She writes a delightful blog....full of all kinds of ideas! So be sure to check out her blog...she will be writing for the Hop in a couple of weeks!

       What am I currently working on?
Quilt for my granddaughter
My granddaughter is going to a different college this year and needed a new quilt with the school colors!  A fun project!
Modern Quilt Guild-Attempt #1
A few months ago, I joined the Modern Quilt Guild International, then the local chapter here in Fort Worth.  One of the challenges was to make a modern quilt using a selection of Michael Miller fabric. Above is my first attempt...I really didn't like it so I tore it all apart and redid it.  Below is my final version, which I am entering in to my local quilt guild show.

Modern Quilt Guild-Second and final attempt..."Round Peg in a Square Hole!
     And I am also entering my guild's challenge for this show which is coming up in a couple of weeks.  Each year we have a members' only challenge...this year in keeping with the show theme...Holidaze...we were to depict a holiday.  My holiday is "Celebrate the Flower"; it is a holiday that some Unitarian Universalists Churches celebrate in the spring, renewal of the earth, and to show diversity in Nature.

My background which is also part of an other challenge done in my Creative Art group, studioQ.

The beginning of my wool applique; my stylized branches...I have admired wool applique for a long time and thought it would be  a fun thing to try on this challenge.
Then I added the wool circles to represent flowers ....
Then added black buttons for the product!
"Celebrating the Flower"
I am also entering two other quilts in the Art Quilt Category. So I have been busy with bindings, embellishments, and labels!
"Blue Fin Tuna"
"Afternoon Delight"
Both of these were also for my art groups' "Color Chip Challenge" (see previous blog).

 How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Well, I am not sure how to answer that....I really don't have an identifiable style that I know of...I just like to try different things...I want to do it that's why my projects are so varied in finished product!

 Why do I create what I do?

As I said in the above paragraph, I want to try new things..any technique I see, I want to know how it is done and try it out.  Of course, sometimes that spreads me a little thin...the old adage.."Jack of all trades, Master of none"..could fit me very aptly!  Maybe when I grow up, I will settle on a specific style/technique!

What is my creative process?

There again, I have no one way that I create.  Sometimes I sketch out an idea; sometimes I see an example of what I want to do, then change it to put my own stamp on it; and then sometimes I just jump in and start putting fabric together! And of course, I couldn't work with out my design wall and my digital camera...I can rearrange  shapes/blocks...and take a picture each time then step away and think about it.


  1. Looking forwards to seeing all your quilts at the show Jay.

  2. I love the flower piece! Can't wait to see it at the show!

  3. Celebrating the Flower is a very effective piece, and I loved seeing it in stages. I also liked blue fin tuna: the yellow accents are just right.