Monday, September 22, 2014

Memory Monday # 73

     Because I went through sorority rush, I was in the dorm room before my roommate who did not go through rush.  When we applied for rooms, we filled out an interest sheet and I think they did try to match us up with things in common.  My roommate and I were both Catholic; both were from out of state; and both smoked!  Mary Jane and I became life long friends...she was from South Dakota and DROVE to Mizzou in a 1948 Ford which we dubbed Milton.  Freshmen girls were not supposed to have cars on campus, but because MJ was coming so far, she was able to get a pass.

1948 Ford Prefect E93A.jpg
Not "Milton" but a close facimile!
     We didn't use Milton too much, but it was kind of nice to have "wheels" if and when we needed to get some where!
My roommate, Mary Jane standing in the hall of our dorm...going to a formal!

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