Thursday, December 8, 2016

'Tis the Season!

 m“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.” 
― Nelson Mandela

        Party time! This is the Season when everybody and every group has a Christmas party!  So far, I have been to three. The first one was last Friday....the first Friday of the month the Villas' lunch bunch goes to a different place for lunch.  But in December the traditional lunch location is Neiman Marcus' Zodiac Room at the Ridgmar Store....special this year as they are moving to a new location.

The Zodiac Room at Neiman's-Ridgmar
Our organizer and hostess is Burble Williams, long time resident of the Villas.  Every year she not only organizes the lunches, but she purchases a famous Neiman Marcus chocolate cookie for everyone who attends!

      Then that same night, the membership Committee from Westside UU (of which I am a member) had our Christmas get together at Chadra's Mezza and Grill...a restaurant with a Lebanese cuisine...very tasty!

On Park Place just off 8th
     And the third luncheon I attended was yesterday at the Petroleum Club.  My neighbor Sandi invited me to the Fort Worth Woman's Club Christmas Luncheon and bridge party.  One of their members is also a member of the Petroleum Club and she always hosts their Christmas party at the club.  Very swank!!  And really great food!!
The Gallery where we ate lunch...lower right chair is where I sat.
The lounge where we played bridge
Fort Worth from the 40th floor of the Petroleum Club
Looking down on the Fort Worth Convention Center
The vanities in the ladies' restroom
My gift Snow Globe
     The lady who hosted the luncheon and bridge had placed a small snow globe at each plate and this was the one where I was sitting.  I didn't see it until well into the lunch and thought "How appropriate for me"! Hope is my focus in my quotes for each blog entry! And I have a pretty extensive collection of Santas!


  1. Did you play bridge at those small round coffee tables?

    1. Yes! Some one else had already booked the game room! My loooong legs were a challenge!

  2. How fun! You are quite the Social Butterfly :)

  3. I've enjoyed that view and it never fails to thrill me....I don't seem to have a problem with heights...