Saturday, December 17, 2016

And Some More Music!

“Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.” ~John W. Gardner

     There is a new group, well, sorta new... Pentatonix . They are an A cappella group of young singers who got their start in Arlington, Texas.  Three of the group attended Martin High where my daughter Andrea graduated a few years before these kids did.  I also have the distinct pleasure of being friends with the Arlington kids early music teacher, Myron Ice. Before I start blogging about them, I had asked Myron what he could tell me about them and here is what he had to say..
             " As far as Mitch and Kirstie go...they are a year apart in age, so I started Mitch in 7th and Kirstie in 8th. They were friends even before that, as they "grew up" at Theatre Arlington and were in many productions together. Linda and I, of course, knew them from those performances. I really only teach high school age students, but because of their talent and potential I started them both early! I never formally taught Scott Hoying, the tall blonde. We knew each other, but that was the extent of our relationship. He came to the houses couple of times to work on some stuff with Kirstie and Mitch. All three were students at Martin HS in Arlington and were also in their "Show Choir". Mitch and Scott were in the grade, but Scott graduated a semester early. The 3 of them had an amazing blend early on and Mitch and Kirstie sang several duets for me at my studio recitals each Winter and Spring. 
My focus with Mitch and Kirstie both, however, were their "classical" or "legit" voice, which is where the pop style stems from. They did a great deal of foreign language art songs for me over the years and Broadway. The style they sing currently I think comes from the fact that they learned to sing correctly from the beginning, then were able to expand from there. The ABC Show, The Sing Off, that launched their career, was done totally on their own...I found out that they had auditioned in LA and been accepted was after the fact for me. Linda knows and loves them both from them being in our living room once a week for many years, but never taught them.
  One of the reasons I wanted to blog about them today, aside from the fact that I think they are fabulous.....and I can claim a knowledge of that they had an hour Christmas Special on December 14 on NBC and I missed it!  So when I started searching to see if I could pick it up some other way, I discovered it is going to be on again Saturday night, December 17  at 7:00 on NBC! So for all of you who also missed it...or want to see a repeat....we have another opportunity!
     And one of my favorite songs by them is "Hallelujah" which I have linked here for you to enjoy....harsh lyrics but beautiful vocalization!  They also have a new Christmas album  out which sounds wonderful (this link takes you to a youtube video about the album)....I may have to text Santa to see if that can be added to my Christmas list!

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  1. I missed the show too. Taping it tonight. Thanks for the heads up.