Thursday, December 22, 2016

Learn Something New Everyday!

“Presents are made for the pleasure of who gives them, not the merits of who receives them.” 
― Carlos Ruiz Zafón

      Each Holiday Season, I think about sending out cards....some years I even do send out cards! And this is one of those years.  My cards are usually of the "Happy Holiday" variety because I can not seem to get them out  in time to get most places by Christmas. No exception this year! I didn't send out many but I did want to get some holiday stamps so a few days ago, about 4:00PM I went to my local Post Office.  The parking lot was totally full....there was hundreds of people standing in line! So I drove on!!
       This morning I got up as usual but instead of my leisurely breakfast, second cuppa', etc.  I got dressed and made a beeline to the PO just as they were opening...well within 15 minutes, anyway. And about ten other people beat me in line. I figure my odds aren't going to get any better later in the day so I join them.  Oh, and although there are four stations at my PO only one of them is filled by an attendant!
      While standing there looking around, I notice this guy comes in with a package and goes across the lobby to some machine where he is weighing his package, labeling it, mailing it, and gone!  Hmmm, I say to myself..."what's up with that?" I stroll over there and made the discovery of a lifetime!!  There is line...I can get stamps...I can mail small packages...and be gone! Why did I not know about this before?
      Now I am sure I am the last person on Earth to find out about this (except for the ten people in line ahead of whom I do not share this knowledge, because then there would be another line!!!) But if you did not know about this, and you and I are in the PO at the kiosk at the same time, I feel you will need to let me get in front of you, to thank me for sharing this fabulous information with you! Let's not tell everyone....we don't need anymore lines!

A wonderful USPS kiosk....shhh, don't tell!


  1. Thanks for sharing this info. I am not a big fan of self service but if faced with a king line I would give it a try!!

    1. Me, neither , Carol! But this is soooooo easy!

  2. The machines at the post office work surprisingly well. The clerks at the post office are very accommodating, maybe too accommodating thus the long lines always at the post office - unless they hire more clerks.

  3. I haven't yet tried the "do it your own self" service at the P. O. but...I think I will give it a try next time I go to the one in Weatherford. Our little one in Aledo has but two stations and no self service options.

  4. Glad you have joined us enlightened ones (somebody told me about it awhile ago). It is really great. I think our PO is particularly "bad" because the stations are never fully manned - the most I have seen is three of them, and that is rare.