Monday, December 5, 2016

A Celebration and a Process

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” 
― Lao Tzu

My Lovely friends and the newly weds!  Carol and Sue!
     Last Saturday, I had the pleasure to attend one of the most moving marriage ceremonies I have ever been to...two lovely ladies from my church who have been partners for over 15 years, finally decided to tie the knot!  A year and a half ago, this would not have been possible for them to do in the state of Texas, but since the Supreme Court ruling June 26, 2015 stating that same-sex marriage was legal in all 50 states, thousands of loving couples have been allowed to experience marriage, something that heterosexual persons have always enjoyed.
      It kind of blows my mind that there may still be individuals who would deny this joy to some while proclaiming  their righteousness on the subject!  But that aside...what a day for these two! Our little church could hardly contain the guests who came to help with the celebration!  I was so delighted to be a part of it!
      A few weeks before the service, Sue came to me and rather shyly asked it I would make a ring-bearer pillow for the ceremony...maybe heart-shaped with some rainbow ribbons?  I have never made a ring-bearer pillow before but when has that stopped me!  I told her I would be delighted to give it a try!
      First step: Google!  I love Google!  That was one of the reasons I wanted a Smart I could have instant information!!! I needed to know the approximate size of RB pillows and any other useful information!  Then off to Joann's for colors of the rainbow fabric and ribbon!  I had plenty of white satin from another project of a few years ago.

The begins of the sash.
Ribbons to braid into the laces.
All the parts to put together.
Voila!  All together!
Ready to bag up and give to the ladies!
Don't we all just look too happy for words!!

And one more picture of another couple from my church...Myron and Linda Ice!  A year or so ago, Myron took up the art of cake Linda makes the cakes and Myron decorates them!  They are both music teachers, but if they ever decide to give that up, they have a whole other profession waiting in the wings!

Linda and Myron Ice...I missed getting a pic of the cake before they started cutting it up, but you can see a corner of the top off to the lower right...cranberries that looked like they are covered in frost!  A perfect December wedding cake!


  1. Sweet wedding! Thanks for sharing, Jay!

  2. Wonderful wedding and reception. Congratulations Carol and Sue. The pillow you made, Jay, was perfect!

  3. What a wonderful wedding! I love the ring bearer pillow!

  4. Sweet! I made a Tooth Fairy pillow one time for my young boys. BTW, I met Linda Ice recently when she came to First Jefferson to serve as pianist for a service. Hi Linda!

  5. Jay, I agree with you in saying this was one of the loveliest weddings I have ever been to. I asked Annie if she had ever done a wedding for lesbians before.She answered she had done many union ceremonies, but this was the first one she had done of a legal marriage between two people of the same sex.

  6. What a wonderful event and so nice of you to share your talent. The ring pillow looks perfect!!!

  7. How wonderful to see this on your blog!! I love the rainbow pillow with the colors braided, symbolizing togetherness!! So cool!!

  8. This made me cry - so sweet and beautiful! I love your sharing of the process - thank you!

  9. Your ring pillow was the perfect touch to a beautiful ceremony! I love that you were able to share your creativity with Carol and Sue. Love the picture you got of Myron and I also - and the kind words about the cake!