Friday, December 16, 2016

Music, Music! and Some Art

“Where words fail, music speaks.” 
― Hans Christian Andersen

"My Blue Boat Home"
     I've been doing a lot of sewing today and while doing so, I have been listening to music.  Several different genres....folk, soundtracks, bluegrass.  The folk song writer who has been on my mind because of his song "My Blue Boat Home" is Peter Mayer.  If you have not heard this song, be sure to click on the title to hear Scott McNeill singing it.  This is one of my favorite songs which we sing at my church, Westside Unitarian Universalist.  And to find out more about Peter Mayer, a folk singer and writer from Minnesota, click on his name. Here are the lyrics.

Lyrics to My Blue Boat Home

Though below me, I feel no motion 
Standing on these mountains and plains 
Far away from the rolling ocean 
Still my dry land heart can say 
I've been sailing all my life now 
Never harbor or port have I known 
The wide universe is the ocean I travel 
And the earth is my blue boat home

Sun, my sail, and moon my rudder 
As I ply the starry sea 
Leaning over the edge in wonder 
Casting questions into the deep 
Drifting here with my ship's companions 
All we kindred pilgrim souls 
Making our way by the lights of the heavens 
In our beautiful blue boat home

I give thanks to the waves upholding me 
Hail the great winds urging me on 
Greet the infinite sea before me 
Sing the sky my sailor's song 
I was born upon the fathoms 
Never harbor or port have I known 
The wide universe is the ocean I travel 
And the earth is my blue boat home.

     And here is what I have been sewing on...not finished just yet. Below is a picture for our December challenge with studioQ....a painting done by Josef Albers "Variant: Four Reds Around Blue".
"Four Reds Around Blue" by Josef Albers-1948
And here is where I am so far....the process....I hope to have more to show for tomorrow.
Selecting my fabric
Slicing it up!
One of many decisions to make...this one?
....Or this one?
Keeping in mind, I am not trying to replicate the painting, just using it for inspiration! Often, when I am designing I work intuitively...meaning I don't do much planning ahead.  I just do one section, then another and keep adding to it until I am satisfied with the results. Stayed tuned to see what progress is made tomorrow!  Ah, the suspense!  Even I don't know!!!


  1. I LOVE that song!! It is one of my favorites that we sing!! (Personally, I like the blue being offset, but that is me).

  2. Mayer did not write the music. Old tune.