Sunday, November 13, 2016

Studio Tour and Temples

“You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us. And the world will live as one.” 
― John Lennon

     Yesterday I had a wonderful experience visiting artists' studios in the Lewisville/Flower Mound area.  It was the 15th Annual Tour sponsored by the Cross Timbers Artists' Guild. There were twenty-two artists with open studios. Many were demonstrating their craft which added even more fun to the experience.
       Our first visit was to the studio of Barbara Oliver Hartman, an extremely talented Fiber Artist who was demonstrating one of her techniques of stitching.
Barbara Oliver Hartman
Some of my SAQA fellow artists at Barbara Oliver Hartman's studio
Barbara Oliver Hartman's
This is one of Barbara's, hanging in her home.  My photo of it really doesn't do it justice! Walking through her house is like walking through an art museum!  I absolutely love her work and she is  such a generous person to give of her time and talent.  I came away very inspired!!
     On the way to our next studio open house, we diverted to the Quilt Country Fabric Shop in Lewisville because one of our peoples had a gift certificate burning a hole in her pocket. Then, as it was nearing the noon hour, we had to find a place to nourish our tummies...good ol' Smashburgers!!!
     Back on the road again to the home/studio of Irma Murray, a watercolor and color pencil artist. Then to Marie Klotz, a jeweler and ceramicist.

Marie in her studio...she lives way out in the country...beautiful surroundings in Copper Canyon
Then onward to the home/studio of Diane Hicks- watercolors, collage and bookbinding.  And to Eric Orr- pottery and sculpturing also in the Copper Creek area where we heard about  his classes on pottery and rake glazing...another craft to learn!!
Eric Orr showing one of his many kilns
     Our last stop on our tour (we were not able to go to all of them) was to the home/studio of
 Gloria Haefner-Gatti and Richard Gatti, a wife-husband team of weavers.
Gloria Haefner-Gatti showing us the intricacies of one of their looms.
     On the way home, Kay, our designated driver asked if we (Heather and I) had ever seen the Buddhist temple in Keller which we responded no. So she took us there...we drove through the open gate.

The Gate 
      We asked this man sitting at a table outside if it would be alright to park and walk around. With his assent we did so; I don't know what his capacity is but he seemed to be "on guard".  He showed us where we could go and said it would be ok to take pictures.  Then he asked us if we wanted to go inside which we did.   He escorted us in; we all had to leave our shoes at the door.  He then encouraged us to take pictures and explained some of the things to us with a heavy accent but we were able to understand quite a bit of what he said.

The first temple  we entered
The Buddha in the above temple, surrounded by real flowers, pictures on the wall, many symbolic designs.
The second temple-again leaving our shoes at the door-Dragon handrails up the stairs
The very large Buddha in the second temple we entered. 
     This temple was even more ornate....floor, ceiling, walls and pictures. Our self-appointed guide  told us that all the paintings were had painted in Thailand and brought here specifically for this building.  
One side of the front door
Above the front door on the inside
One of many pictures on the wall depicting the life of Buddha
The Dragon hand rail into the second temple
     I don't really know much about Buddhism but seeing these temples has made me curious to learn more.  I know the philosophy is very gentle thinking which is not a bad idea right now!  So, I'll keep you all posted on my findings!!
      All in all, a fabulous day!!!




  1. The Buddhist temple pictures were beautiful and very interesting. We got a good introduction to Buddhism in out ARE class on religion in the Axial Age.

  2. What a wonderful day.....and great photographs of the Buddha statues. Have you seen the movie 'Little Buddha' with Keanu Reeves? It was a very good film....

  3. I enjoyed our day out. And I'm so glad we stopped at the temple. It was beautiful!

  4. The Temple looks like something from Southeast Asia. Who knew we had such beauty around here?