Thursday, November 10, 2016

Day One

            Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness. Desmond Tutu

      On Facebook this morning, at 3:30 AM, I declared I would no longer have Facebook in my life; no more news broadcasts; no more NPR talk radio...I changed my radio stations to all music; I vowed to not get on FB anymore except for the occasional peek at some individual pages to keep up with pictures; I have cancelled my subscription to the daily newspaper, and I will not watch any news on television.  I also vowed to not have any political discussions on my blog and I will keep that promise.  In the past, my blog has mostly been an outlet for my art. I would like to expand it with some book reviews, some humor, general knowledge, etc.
     I was finding myself spending up to a couple hours a day on FB; an hour to an hour and a half of news every evening; so with my new found time, I plan to make my day much more fullfilling!  For example this morning, after I couldn't get back to sleep at 3:30, I lay in bed reading for a while then turned out my light, but still couldn't get to sleep so at 4:45 so I got up, went into my studio and finished stitching a binding on a quilt I was working on.  Then at 6:00 I took a shower and got dressed, ate my meager breakfast (half an English muffin w/a teaspoon of peach jam), took a vigorous walk as soon as it was light outside, came home to make a couple phone calls and realized nothing was open yet! It was only 8:15! Wow! It's a whole new life!!
      The quilt I finished is one of the challenges my studioQ group  did last month. We have been doing a masterpiece challenge and this is the picture for last month.

Georgia O'Keeffe's "Autumn Tree-the Maple"

      My process-selecting the fabric                                                                                     
Starting off the lashing and placement
Then to the design wall

More Fabric added

And more...

Auditioning which borders to use

Dark, Light or a combination of both
I decided on a combination of both.

And then to do the quilting and add the binding which I did at 4:30-6:00 AM!!! 


  1. You know this already, but I LOVE your piece! The colors are rich and the lines and shapes are flowing and sinuous. Gorgeous!

    1. Thank you, Heather I really appreciate such praise coming from you!

  2. Beautiful, Jay. I also admire your dedication in giving up Facebook and the news. I am not sure I would be able to but it would not waste as much time if I did.

  3. Jay, It is stunning. Wish I had at least a 10th of your creativity and talent so I could better channel my anger and disgust. My good news is that I talked to all my children and reached to friends and family.

  4. Jay, I feel honored that you would ask me to belong to your blog. Thanks so much as I admire you and love your artistry. I think I'll also give up facebook as it seems to be detrimental to my mental health.
    Love, Joy

  5. That is so beautiful; I really love the colors.

    I gave up most TV more than a year ago, except for KERA and PBS. (I've never had cable, so no worries there, ha ha.) I got rid of my newspapers several years ago, too.
    I generally keep up through Twitter, and was somewhat addicted, but I have been able to lessen it to a greater degree. I am not, typically, too preoccupied with Facebook. I like to know what is going on, so I don't see me giving up much more than I have at this point. But, gaining time is certainly a gift that we can give ourselves is it not :-)
    Thank you for inviting me.

  6. Thank you for adding me to your blog. Sometimes it is best to ignore the outside world just to let our own light shine. Love your art.

  7. Your art is beautiful, Jay, and your sentiments are also well-received by me! It's like you are going through a "cleanse" which can be very beneficial. Thanks for including us in the blog!

  8. That's a lovely and recognizable interpretation of the great Georgia painting. Now you've got more time for photography, writing, how blogger works, etc. I look forward to hearing more what you're up to. Hugs.

  9. Jay, your work is unique, genuine, and beautiful. Your study, research, learning, integrating, and processing show clearly in your personality and your artwork. I think this is so rare. I hope you know what I am so awkwardly trying to say. As far as our current state of affairs concerning our government, media, and organizations, I am still trying to find a productive way to transition my personal journey. I feel bruised. My love, Joy C.