Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

"I woke this morning with a devout thanksgiving for  my friends, the old and the new!"  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thanksgiving Wall Hanging
     This is a wall hanging I made several years ago with fabric I had gotten in New England when Dick and I took our first big trip after I retired.  We went to New Hampshire, Vermont, etc in the fall when the colors were just fabulous!  The wall hanger is one made by Dick...representing geese flying in formation.

Vermont Creek
       When we retired and built our home on a couple of acres southwest of Fort Worth, we hosted the Thanksgiving Feast for family far and near.  At one time we had nearly 30 people....everyone would bring food...we did the turkey, dressing and gravy and desserts.  Football and games after! Now that I am living in a condo, I don't have room for such a crowd, but we still get together....not quite so many.  Either my daughter here in Fort Worth or her In-laws host.  Still good times had by all!
        As I write this at 5:00AM I am reflecting on what Thanksgiving means beyond eating, games, and football.  I have a few friends who do not celebrate Thanksgiving because of the connection to Europeans invasion of the land of the Native Americans.  Although I have great sympathy for Indigenous People, I can celebrate the time together and look beyond that horrendous period to what the meaning of Thanksgiving has taken on for me.
      For me this is  a time of gathering together of those I hold most  dear. And to those family in far away places, I know you are gathering together also and can visualize your feasting, too.   So much laughter and fun, not to mention the great food!!!  Dick and I always said we liked Thanksgiving better than Christmas which to me has gotten so materialistic...whereas Thanksgiving is a time of reflection and of hope.  
      Now I have to go make my apple pie to take this afternoon for the gathering so to all my family and friends, near and far away...Happy Thanksgiving and may the coming year be one of positive energy and gratitude for what is good in this world!


  1. Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving to you, Jay.

  2. Happy thanksgiving Jay! Hope you have a happy and peaceful day.

  3. I give thanks for having you as a friend.


  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you my friend!

  5. Giving thanks for you too, Jay. The wall hanging and Dick's creation are both stunning!! Love your choice of colors too!!!