Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Two Challenges Completed

     First, yesterday, my studioQ (or as I lovingly call us...the Creative Crones) met and had our reveal for our first new challenge.  The challenge is to find a picture you like in a magazine or one you have taken; then pick out 5-7 colors you like; take the picture with you to the paint shop and find paint chips that are as close as you can find to your chosen colors.  We have ten members now and so whoever is coming up with the challenge must get enough paint chips for each member; place them in baggies and hand out at the meeting.
     After one has shared the picture (just to see where the colors come from), everyone takes a bag with all the chosen colors.  Each is to find fabric that depicts the chosen colors and create a work of art with the colors.  We decided this will be a two month challenge and we started our first one two months ago.  The art work can be any size, any shape, the only stipulation is you must use all the colors plus black and white; you can use as much or as little of each color as you wish.
My journal for our Color Chip Challenge
I decided I want to keep track of our challenge by creating a journal with each challenge.  The column on the far left is my color chips, the right column is the fabric I chose to use.  The picture I got the colors from was of a school of yellowfin surgeonfish.  The picture was too large to download here, so I cut out a couple of the little guys and glued them into my journal.
My Color Chip Challenge: "Yellowfins"
     Seven of our ten members were present yesterday...and we have six completed examples of our first challenge which I had introduced to the group!
Group Picture of CC Challenge-Picture used is in the upper right corner

One of our group doesn't use fabric; she went to the paint store and got more of the same chips I had given her and created a journal page for the CC Challenge.
An absent member emailed hers to me so I could show it to the group!

     And my second completed challenge was for the "Art Quilters Around the World" blog. We also do challenges every two months with the topic coming from one of the members at a time!  This challenge was to use the phrase "The Road Less Traveled"..please go to the link to see all the gorgeous interpretation of this theme!  I am always amazed how each artist can get such different take on the same theme!
My Challenge for "The Road Less Traveled"
By going to the link, you can also read about how each came to their particular finished project.  By unanimous decision, the quilts are always 11.5 x 16.5 in size...but that is about the only restriction in making them.


  1. Jay, you have a talented fiber art group, if I do say so myself! ;}

  2. that paint chip challenge looks really fun and your 'Yellowfins' piece is outstanding~!

    i liked seeing what others did with it too . . . hmmmm, may have to think about presenting this idea to my guild.

    i hope to have more time to come back and check out the 'The Road Less Traveled' entries later on.


  3. I love your challenge output! Very, very cool and looking forward to seeing these up close and personal!!