Monday, October 21, 2013

Memory Monday #42

    I am now "cured" of rheumatic fever! And I am entering the 6th grade.  I have no really strong memories of the sixth grade except by all notions, I should be repeating the fifth grade.  At the end of the year...fifth grade...I had to take the tests that all took to move on to the next year.  The school principal at the time told my mom that "yes, I could take the test, but because I had missed about 80% of the school year, I would probably not do too well."  My mom had been "home schooling" me and the education I on one...was most certainly the best I had in 12 years!  I not only passed, I had one of the highest scores of the class!  That was the last time that ever happened!!!  I was not a very good student most of the time...usually really excelled at what I liked, but bombed on anything that did not interest me!!
     And another clear memory is that cute little baby time went on,  our relationship came even closer. I still wasn't able to exert myself overly much so I spent quite a bit of time with him.  We have some great pictures of us the socks on me!!!
Jay and Jacky-1950ish

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