Monday, October 28, 2013

Memory Monday # 43

     I do have one memory of the sixth grade year...I don't know what the occasion was but my dad and a bunch of his friends who were also fathers of many of my friends participated in a fund raiser by taking part in a amateur variety show.  The show took place at the East School Building; the  rooms were quite large and a couple of the upstairs rooms had a wall between that could be rolled away creating a very large area.
     The front of the room became the stage by pushing the teacher's desk out of the way and lining up the student desks in rows for the audience.  My dad and his buddies were dressed to represent Hula Girls from Hawaii or some such tropical island!  They are all pretty hefty guys and some pretty darn hairy too!!  My dad was quite the cut up...I have entertained my friends with "Dad" tales for many years!

My dad is the guy on the far right!!  What a sight!!
     It was sometimes kind of hard to look at my classroom in the same  light after this outstanding performance!!!

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  1. omg~! what a fun shot and i think that when one's parents are willing to play we see life as much more fun as we grow up and as an adult.
    what a gift.