Thursday, October 31, 2013

Our Beautiful World

     This week on Our Beautiful World the word to picture is "Halloween" and as today is Halloween, I am posting a couple pictures depicting the holiday!  A couple of weeks ago the word was October and I posted several pictures of Halloween because in my mind the word October is synonymous with Halloween!
      But I did not post every picture I had!  Halloween through the years to me has been a time to dress up; to be another person or character; and, of course, to trick or treat!  In my home town, we always had a big costume contest on Halloween...and a parade!  Living in Illinois, the weather could be very unpredictable on October 31st.  So often it would be pretty chilly and we would either have to layer up under our costumes or wear a coat over them.  I usually chose the layering up which worked well except after the parade we would meet in the Legion Hall and it would be HOT!  But, by golly, even though I was hot...I looked good!!! (in my eyes!)
     I have another Halloween story, but I am going to save it for my Memory Monday blog next my picture is another brief tradition that my grandkids and I established...decorating our front porch!

The grands and me...with our friend, Jack
The windows behind us are in my studio and for the time "Jack" was visiting, I would be in there working and invariably would be startled by his presence when the wind would cause the rocker to move!
Happy Halloween!

Both my grands and I made quilts together; this one was created and pieced by my grandson when he was about nine or ten. We entered it in my guild's quilt show that year and he won second prize for small quilts!!  Quite a surprise for both of us!!!  They now display it every year at his house as part of their Halloween decorations.


  1. That is so wonderful to create art with your grandkids!. To have won something is even better, the cherry on top to be cherished years from now :). It's creepy that Jack would startled you at the window while you were working in the studio!. Hee hee ... but lets hope his visit is short. Thank you for sharing Halloween-theme photos again with us @ Our Beautiful World this week!.

  2. What an amazing quit and done together with your Grandkids makes it even more special .. Thanks so much for sharing with us at Our Beautiful World!!

  3. I can imagine the rocking motion with the wind, what fab pictures you have shared with us! Thanks for sharing it all at Our Beautiful World!

  4. oooh love 'Jack'!!! And did giggle at the thought of the chair rocking in the breeze! Your quilt made by the hands of you and your grand children is a delight... what a wonderful keepsake full of memories for your grandchildren!!

  5. Lol, loved your story on Jack in the rocking chair. That would have totally freaked me out! Thanks for sharing with us at OBW :) Hugs

  6. How sweet this picture and story is. I love the way you write about your past and children and grandkids. One day this will be me I hope. What a cute Halloween quilt, love the idea of doing this with kids. Would love to have a front porch like that and a friend JACK to sit with me. Happy Halloween a little late. Thanks for sharing!