Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Our Beautiful World-Chill

      This week, the given word from Our Beautiful World is "Chill"!  Now that is an interesting could down, calm down, or a feeling of being cool...a look, a temperature.

     My "chill" pictures depict more the temperature/weather related definition!
Observatory tour on Hawaii..yes, it was very chilly on that mountain top..32degrees!!
Holly berries in the snow.
Snow sliding off the roof of our shed!
Our live oak tree in our back yard...yes, we get snow in Texas!

Ice sculpture at Gaylord Inn


  1. beautiful shots Jay~!
    i especially love the snow on berries image. pretty enough to be a Christmas card~!
    i didn't realize that you got snow where you lived in Texas . . . is that a common winter thing or only on rare occasions?


  2. I like the snow sliding off the roof - looks like fondant icing draped off the edge of a gingerbread house. Yum!

  3. Brilliant photos.

  4. Wow! snow in Texas :). Wonderful shots of the snow covered shed and the berries!. The view must be breathtaking, up on Mauna Loa, did you see any shooting stars while you were there?. Thank you for sharing these beauty with us at Our Beautiful World!.

  5. Terrific shots!! I never knew you got snow in Texas! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Our beautiful World!!

  6. Such beautiful photos, and sooooooo chilly :) It's beautiful there, wow. Thank you for sharing with us at OBW :)

  7. Snow in Texas, sure is chilly, thanks for sharing your beautiful photos with us at Our Beautiful World!

  8. Fantastic chilly post, love it all!
    Thanks for sharing it with us at our beautiful world