Monday, September 30, 2013

Memory Monday #39

     Last memory, I mentioned our Storybook Doll collection...I looked on line and found this website which tells ALL about them! Apparently there is a resurgence of interest in them!
      I think our collection probably began with my grandmother...she was the one who really loved to pick them out...and she did pick out some really beautiful ones.  But somehow getting dolls that just sat on a shelf and looked pretty was not my idea of a really fun thing!
This is not my doll...but it a picture just like one of my favorite ones!
     I did love the dolls once I grew to understand they were not to be played with...not to change the clothes on....not to create dialogs for, etc..  I had other toys do "play" with, so I began to look forward to what doll Grandma had for me this birthday, this Christmas.

      I kept my half of the collection and have taken it with me where ever I have lived. Several  years ago, I had stored my dolls in a shoe box and had put them in the attic....well, wouldn't you know...mice got into them and really messed them up!!  The wigs/hair were put on with what must have been very tasty glue; the beautiful little dresses must have made great fiber for mice nests; and part of the little bodies must have been a papier mache material as some of the torsos were pretty gnawed up!!   

     Although they were pretty messed up, I still have kept moving them with me where ever I live.  Now, after 50 years of marriage, and about seven larger houses each time, we find ourselves now ready to downsize and to move to a smaller location.  So I think I am finally ready to see if there is anything to salvage about my doll collection and find a buyer for them.  If possible there may be a collector out there who would like my dolls for parts!!

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