Monday, September 2, 2013

Memory Monday # 35

     Last week I posted a link to a utube about my home town's original school built in 1861.  I have to admit, I had not looked at the video until after I had posted.  I was delighted with it!!  It really brought back memories to me...the large class rooms, the high ceilings, the description of all the facility.
East School Building
This is not my third grade class, but a picture looking very much as it did!
These are like the desks we used...real antiques now!!!

     When I was in the third grade, my teacher was Miss Sutton...we all LOVED her!  She was tiny and sweet...and in our eyes...beautiful!  And we were so lucky to have her because that year, she became engaged and told us we would be her last class because she was getting married!  And I also remember that was the year the district added kindergarten to the curriculum...I myself, did not go to  kindergarten, just started with first grade.  Although I was young for my class because my birthday was November and the break back then was January anyone born in the same year, was in the same class.
The third grade me...I never did take very cheerful school pics!!
      The decision to have kindergarten in the school system meant finding a class room for them.  It was a half-day session, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  My third grade class was the room chosen to have the back third of the room walled off and a door installed for the "little" kids.  I just remember they seemed to be terribly noisy...especially if one set towards the back of the room  which I did!  And the little kids had to be marched through our classroom to go to recess, the restroom, etc!  Such an interruption!!!  I don't remember how long that was the situation with the kindergarten; years later a very permanent building was built which housed the K-first and second classes which was used for years, even after the building fell into disrepair and was abandoned until rescued by the Historical Society.

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  1. Just be thankful you weren't in the one-room schoolhouse like the pioneer days! LOL I bet it was distracting which would make learning more difficult. Enjoy your memories posts.