Monday, September 23, 2013

Memory Monday #38

     Last Memory blog was about the birth of my little brother...he was so cute...and being so much younger than my sister and I (12 and 9 years) he almost had three moms! Although as I remember, at first it was not easy on Judy and me!   We just didn't understand what a new mom was going through....our mom had been so devoted to us; so much fun always...and now she was dealing with a new born and she was probably mid 30's when he was born so I can now see, looking back from the perspective of being a mom myself, she was tired a lot of the time and I am sure not nearly as patient with us as we were used to her being!

Mom and Jack probably 6-7 months old
      I remember Judy and I thinking she was really cracking up!  I don't remember where we would have gotten the  idea of insanity but I do remember late night whisperings about what would we do if she was really loosing her mind!!  Fortunately all that passed within a few months; the baby was thriving (mom had been pretty paranoid about germs...made us all wear a mask when we held him or were near him).

     We had also given up our downstairs room for the baby...there was a large room upstairs that mom and dad had wall papered with the prettiest floral wall paper...yellow roses...had built a desk and shelves for our Story book doll collection.  And, although we loved the room, we were farther away from our parents...w-w-a-a-a-y upstairs, so that was an adjustment too!
Our Storybook Doll collection
    It is odd what the mind I have said, we all had really wild imaginations...from all our reading and our fantasy playing so I guess thinking our mom might be loosing her mind was just an extension of that mind set!!  After many got rested and became her fun self again; Jack grew and was a wonderful addition to our family; and we got a lovely room out of the deal!!!  Much bigger and prettier than we had and dad probably thought getting a pretty, new room would help compensate for other changes...which it eventually did.

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