Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Our Beautiful World-"Yellow"

     And the word for the week for "Our Beautiful World" is "yellow" looking through my pictures, I found a few I can submit without taking any new picutures!!
Please visit the link to the blog to see many more gorgeous pictures!!

Lantana flower bed with a gorgeous black and yellow butterfly!
A wildflower in the field behind our house...looks like daisy, doesn't it?
Butterflies on a Rua bush...very popular with butterflies to lay eggs!
Last year, my fellow art quilters had a 12"x12" challenge each month...this is my depiction of the challenge "Walking on Sunshine"!
And I had to add another couple of Chihuly's  glasswork as in my last blog for OBW
Another Dale Chihuly
Stained glass dome in an old building in Chicago, Illinois
And...lastly...gotta' have some Georgia..O'Keeffe, that of my favorites!!


  1. Lovely yellow photos! I really like that pretty wildflower. We have a lot like that growing around here, too! :)

  2. Beautiful photos of yellow flowers and other things, I like your "Walking on Sunshine" it is so creatively made, great idea.

  3. i don't recall having seen walking on sunshine before. it's wonderful~!

    that tall Dale Chihuly is quite fantastic~!!~it must be amazing to stand beside it.

    sharing yellow has been great fun this week.


  4. Oh these are fabulous!! I love every one! Thanks so much for sharing them with us at Our Beautiful World!

  5. Beautiful photos of all things yellow!. I gasp at learning that the tall, flower-like structure is actually made of glass!!. WOW. The stained glass ceiling is my fav :). Thank you for sharing them with us @ Our Beautiful World!.

  6. How beautiful, each one of them, thanks for sharing yellow in so many beautiful ways, thanks for linking up at Our Beautiful World too!

  7. WOW, how fun to see all these yellow's!! I love that Walking On Sunshine!! That tall glass one is amazing though too. Thanks for sharing all of them, enjoyed it all!!

  8. Your photos are fabulous. The stained glass dome looks amazing.

  9. love that art quilt!
    just glorious.. wow!! Loved all your photos! thks for participating at OUR BEAUTIFUL WORLD this week!! xo

  10. Yellow is the most difficult color for me to use in any of my projects. It always seems to scream out among the other fabrics in a top. Maybe I'm just too chicken. Nice photos by the way.