Sunday, April 29, 2012

Let's Talk Books

I have been very negligent on "reporting" about books I have read lately!  So I am going to devote this blog to just that!

I have very eclectic taste in literature...I usually prefer fiction to non-fiction, but I do like biographies and some fiction about historical issues.  I like fantasy, scifi, historical fiction, human interest, mysteries, the classics, poetry...the list goes on!

Recently I have read the following:
  • The Leopard by Jo Nesbo...the almost good replacement author for Stieg Larson of "The Girl Who...." fame.  A good Nordic/Scandinavian author whose work I highly recommend.*****

  • The Third Floor by Judi Loren Grace....a book that I read from my Kindle Fire (which I really love, not just for reading but for every thing else)  This book took me back to a period of time I could relate with....a story about a young girl who becomes pregnant in the late '50's/early'60's (not sure which) and goes to an "unwed" mothers' home to deliver and give the baby up for adoption...I am not sure if it is based on a true story, but it does read very realistically!  *****

  • Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay.....a book I had picked up at my church's book trade table....a theme of great interest to me...the Holocaust.  Again, I highly recommend it!!*****

  • And I am now reading Stephen King's 11/22/63...Yes, I am a Stephen King fan!  I have read almost all of his books...he is, as you know, a very prolific writer!! I am in awe of his ability to take  common, everyday events and "twist" them into tales of intrigue!!  This "little" novel is 845 pages long and I am on page 246 so I will have to report back on it in a few days!  The scariest thing about King's books, to me. is that they are physically dangerous!  I read in bed at night and usually get very sleepy before I am through.  I have been known to drop off and have the book fall on my face!  With books the size of his, that is a danger!!!!!


  1. If you read all your books on your Kindle, the damage would be much less when you drop the book when you fall asleep. :-)

  2. Hi Jay,
    Thanks for the list. You're the second on my blog feed today reading 11/22/63 by Stephen King. So many books, so little time . . . .

  3. Some excellent recommendations. I just finished a great book by Grace Snyder and her daughter called No Time on Her Hands (I think) and it was a fabulous memoir of a quilter who lived in the 1880's through 1961 or thereabouts. History and drama of a pioneer woman all rolled into one. Fixing to start on the third Girl Who book - stirring up a hornets nest.

  4. all of these look interesting. i'm a big King fan too so that one especially caught my eye.

    i'm reading (still) the first book of the hunger games series. it's good but i've got so many irons in the fire that i don't sit down with it often enough. i should have had the whole series read by now~!!~

    happy may day~!