Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Fast Week!

      Last night I really computer froze up and I couldn't unfreeze it...nothing would move...the cursor..couldn't even shut it down...So I plugged it in, put it to bed and went to bed myself!  In the middle of the night, I was up roaming around...I noticed that the little light went out on the computer so I opened's a laptop...and bingo, it all came on again..still frozen.  So I tried pushing down on the "turn on" button and held it down for a long went off!!  Today..all is well and operating.

    I am so glad because I had a very important email from Laura Farmer who mans my favorite blog with zentangle patterns.  She has developed a book of patterns which anyone can have with a donation to her blog.  She also sells supplies and has classes as well as all the patterns....EVER!  I thought it would be handy to have all the patterns easy to get to, especially if I could download it to my Kindle and be able to use it off line.  With lots of doctor visits, etc. lately,  I have totally loved my Kindle with being able to download tutorials about anything from YouTube and being able to take my sketchbook everywhere, I am very well "self-entertained"!  Needless to say, I was thrilled to be able to download the "TanglesPatten" manual to my if I am caught somewhere with out access to Wifi, I can still have many things to keep me occupied.

      Yesterday, while we were at the Texas Oncology Infusion Center, I picked up this book "Lilly Oncology on Canvas".  It is an art book of various medias...pastels, watercolors, oils, photography, mixed media, and more.  The works of art are created by many persons who have had cancer of some form in their lives...either survivors, caretakers, friends, family and have been accumulated into a book and published by the Lilly Pharmaceutical company.  This beautiful book was created in  2010 and the company is preparing to publish another one.  If anyone is interested in participating, click on the above link for further information.  Even if not interested in doing a work of art for the book, the link will give you a lot of information about the  project and exhibit a lot of wonderful art work!


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  1. i had a minute to take a look at some of the art work on the Lilly Oncology on Canvas project. it's quite touching to see this work and understand where it's coming from. thank you for the link.

    i'm glad that your computer seems to be working properly now. mine has been fussy just lately and i'm wondering if there's a problem . . . i sure hope not.