Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Beautiful Spring Day!

The dive!

Free falling!

The landing!
Today, April 7, 2012, my daughter amazed me with doing a sky dive-tandem style with two of her friends.  They were going to go a few weeks ago but the weather was too windy to do it.  I am so proud of her!!  I am afraid I would never have the guts to do such an endeavor!!

I am quietly sitting at home, sewing on my granddaughter's T-shirt quilt for her high school graduation!  And working on this month's color challenge.

Color Palette Challenge for March
I am planning on doing a Bargello quilt with these fabric choices.  It will just be a mini quilt.  I had decided with these color challenges, I would attempt new techniques with each month...if they are successful, I have learned something to try again...if I do not care for them...donation for my guild's Silent Auction!!!

My excitement for the day was my mile walk with my BFF down our lane...and again, what a spring for the wildflowers!

One side of the road

And the other side
And this beauty went on for at least 1/2 mile on both sides!!


  1. I'll be waiting to see your bargello quilt. That is such a cool pattern. Thanks for the photos from your walk. I so love this time of the year in Texas. You have to savor each day. But what a crazy week we've had with all the tornadoes, too! You just never know what you're going to get. ~Mary

  2. Don't think I could jump out of an airplane. Love the bluebonnets. This seems to be an excellent year for the wildflowers after the horrible drought of last Summer. Your Bargello quilt should look fabulous in the colors from the challenge.

  3. Imagine seeing all those wildflowers floating down from the sky.... Okay, to be honest didn't see many wildflowers on the trip down. Looking forward to seeing the quilts. Happy that you and your BFF are out walking the roads.

  4. love your color palette for march~! i bet it makes a gorgeous bargello quilt too. i hope you'll post the finished piece for us all to see.

    congrats to your daughter for being so couragous. i've always wanted to try sky diving but know that i never will . . . should have done it when i was younger~!

    your wildflowers are pretty and makes me feel impatient to be seeing ours . . . should be within four to six weeks now with the dryer and warmer weather we've been getting.