Saturday, April 21, 2012

Zentangle Challenge # 66-Aura

     Last week the Diva was unable to give us a zentangle challenge as she had a challenge of her own...her little guy who has so many health issues was in the hospital. But this week she was able to give us a Challenge!!  This time we are doing a Zentangle titled "Aura"...."Laura's Aura's" to be exact!

     And here is my "Aura":

Challenge # 66: Aura
There are several zentangles that can be used to create this challenge-river, ixorus, rain, web.... to name a few...actually about anything can use an "aura".  Fun design to do!


  1. Fun to look at too. Love your use of river.

  2. You used a lot of ink with this one and it was worth it! I love the patterns, textures and style of your challenge piece!

  3. I love the composition of your tile and the touch of red!

  4. Wow, so detailed. Really nice work.

  5. Very, very neat - love the use of river, and your other choices of tangles! This looks so complicated, but also so tidy.