Thursday, April 26, 2012

Challenge #67- Amanda/Earth Day

The Diva's #1 son decided the Earth needed a new he calls her Amanda!  As we are all celebrating Earth Day this month, the Diva has selected "Amanda/Earth Day" the Challenge for week.  Laura had done her challenge in circle/mandala form which I thought was very appropriate.  My Zentangle took a kind of organic appearance...not too many standard "zentangle patterns"...but I like the effect...kind of became an "Earth, wind, water and fire" design!!

Amanda/Earth Day Challenge #67
After husband and I got to looking at the center in various ways...and we can see a face! Can you?  I guess it is Mother Nature with a lion's mane!


  1. I see the face:) Beautiful tile!

  2. I definitely see the face.... when I first looked at it I thought of the native american view of the world. I still think it has that flavor and I love it!

    1. Yes, I was into the Native American thought of my favorite themes!

  3. haha! i DO see the face! i like the center - pretty cool! your whole design really represents the theme well!

  4. now that you point it out i DO see a lion's face/head~!!~
    how wonderful~!