Sunday, March 4, 2012

BOM-# six

BOM-# six by arts1plus
BOM-# six, a photo by arts1plus on Flickr.
This is the sixth in the series of BOMs I am doing.  I think I am going to either make placemats or a table cloth out of the blocks when all are done.  My Fiesta Ware dishes are multicolored like this fabric and I can use some new mats!

We are having some marvelous early spring weather.  It is about time to get that hummingbird feeder going.  We have seen a couple of bluebirds checking out the house we have for them, but so far, I think the sparrows are keeping them away!  Even though bluebirds look fierce in some photographs, I think they are pretty passive until they get established somewhere and have a family to protect!  Then they get tough!!!

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  1. love this block~!!~the colors are all about springtime~!