Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lots o' Birthdays!!

This year is the 100th birthday celebration for so many well-known things....The Girl Scouts were signed into being by Juliette Low one hundred years ago today.  The Oreo cookie is 100 years old this year...and the Titanic sunk 100 years ago next month.  I am sure there are more but these are what I have heard about in the last three days!

Girl Scouting has many fond memories for me...I was Girl Scout in the 1950's...my mom was one of my leaders.  Both my daughters were Girl Scouts in the 1970's and I was a leader...and my granddaughter was a Girl Scout in the 2000's!  That is three generations in our family.

My oldest daughter

Both of my daughters and me
When I was a kid, I went to Girl Scout camp one year...we had cabins, but no plumbing...latrines and cold showers...log cabins with no heat or air conditioning...  I was probably about 11-12 at the time.  There were four of us from my home town there together..good buddies!  Even though we were really "roughin' it", I remember we had a blast!!!  I was very nearsighted as a child...I remember looking out the cabin window very early one morning...really needing to use the latrine..I couldn't find my glasses and I could swear there was a bear right across the way, between me and the latrine!  So I got everyone in my cabin up to go with me...come to find out the "bear" was a very large pile of rocks and moss covered brush!  Boy, did I have trouble living that one down!!

As my girls grew, I was active as a leader with their troops...I was still not the real rugged type, but I was ok with taking the kids on trips with other moms.  This one time we had to take a nature training class before we could take the girls on an over night!  A good friend of mine and I were really beginning to wonder about the wisdom of our plan when the leader of the class...a real outdoorsy kind of gal...told us about the way to tell the difference between poisonous and non-poisonous snakes..by the shape of their eyes!!  Like we were going to get close enough to be able to tell what their eyes looked like!

Juliette Gordon Low
Juliette Low's birthplace in Savannah, Ga.

Several years ago my youngest daughter and I went to a quilting seminar with Jinny Beyer at Hilton Head, near Savannah.  While there, we took a tour around Savannah and saw the Low birthplace....bringing back many "scouting" memories for both of us.
And the last generation of Girl Scouts...at least to date...was my granddaughter at an awards  ceremony.

So...Happy Birthday to you, Girl Scouts of America!!  Oh....and also to Oreo cookies!!!