Saturday, March 17, 2012

Wearing of the Green

    And a Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!   They say that everyone is Irish on this day...Well, I can honestly say that I am!  At least mom's mother (my grandmother) was as Irish as they come.  I never knew her...she died before I was born, but I remember Mom telling stories of her and her family of many sisters and brothers.  Family legend has it that my great grandparents met on the boat coming over from Ireland in the 1800's at the time of the potato famine and that the voyage was so traumatic for my  great grandmother that she lost all her hair. Another legend was that she was an Irish princess.  Now, I have read since that practically every village had a "king" the mayor...and that his daughters would be considered princesses.  But I prefer to dream that I am of Irish royalty!!  Just my vivid imagination at work!   

    I always loved these tales and would swell with great pride when we would sing out the Wearing of the Green in choir at school.  And "Danny Boy" always gives me goosebumps!  I love "Brigadoon" and  a touch of Bailey's in my coffee,   I do love the rich Irish literature...the lore of the fantasies of the Emerald I will continue to don my green (sitting here now with my green t-shirt on even though I didn't leave the house or yard today) and share the following blessing with everyone.



  1. Happy St. Patrick's Day~!
    it would be fun to have this sort of family history.


  2. Hi Jay,
    Both my parents are descended from Potato Famine immigrants in the mid 1800's. My dad used to spring us all from school on St. Paddy's Day so we could go downtown, see the parade, and party. That was a pretty big thrill as a youngster. We'd all wear green, have green carnations, and hang out with all the extended family members, of whom there were/are many. I miss that connection to my Ohio roots, but carry on traditions of my own. I made a delicious dinner with beef stew and colcannon. And a six pack of Guinness. We should do something together next year. That could be fun!