Thursday, March 22, 2012

Working on Color Challenge

      These are like the fabric chosen by Vicki Welsh for the March color challenge.  I love the richness of these colors and I have been working on a pattern with these fabrics from my stash that I got from the internet called "Disappearing Block".  It is an easy block, but looks complicated....very fun to make!  There are several ways to put it together so in another post, I will show the one I chose to use.

My fabrics for the challenge

Working on the "Disappearing Block"

Step # 2 for Disappearing Block

Step #3 for Disappearing Block

     I wish I had noted who this block came from...I tried to go back and find the information but was not able if anyone knows who should get the credit, please let me least, know that it is not MY original design...I am just an admirer!!!

    Monday, my studioQ fiber arts group meets.  We have started a new challenge for the new year....started in February.  We are all big fans of the 12 x12 group and decided to do some of our own 12 x 12 challenges.  Our challenges will consist of a quote chosen by one of us (taking turns each month) with a twist and a technique.  The quote can be from anything...a song, poem, book, speech, etc. and the twist is also chosen by the same person....the technique will be drawn from a list which we developed last month.

For March, our challenge is "Counting Flowers on the Wall"...using black and white polka dot fabric with the technique of "Resist".  Should be fun...eager to see what everyone did!


  1. Your colors in the disappearing block are so vibrant and luscious. You have prompted me to do an internet search for this block.

  2. wow~!!~that disappearing block (technique) is worth remembering. i've never seen it before.