Thursday, March 8, 2012

"Love Your Blog" Day

According to Lynn Krawczyk on her Facebook posting this morning, this is Love Your Blog I think I really should post something!  This week has been an interesting week Nature wise..

Monday when we were taking our daily walk, we saw literally hundreds of geese flying North!!!  As we are walking down our country road, we could hear "honking" and looking up, there was a huge flock heading North.  Then as they went out of sight, there were at least eight more flocks.

I didn't take this picture...thank you, this is what they looked like. Most of them were much higher than this but one flock was almost this low!!  We could see their individual coloring and details.!

Right where we live, we often see the geese, loosing their "V" formation; then float around in circles, reform into a "V" and off again.  We think there must be air currents that they are taking a rest from beating their wings, as they will just glide around for a bit before taking off.  Weather often changes near us...storms break up; rains other areas are getting miss us entirely, etc.  Makes it interesting watching the changes.

Texas Bluebonnets from last year.

And today while walking, we saw that the fields across from us are FULL of bluebonnet leaves...hopefully that means we will have a flourishing crop to enjoy in a few more weeks!

Redbud trees South of our house 
And the redbud trees are starting to bloom...with such a mild winter, everything is blooming somewhat early!  Hope we don't have a surprise cold snap to nip all their little buds!

So Happy "Love Your Blog Day", fellow bloggers!  I love reading all of your entries!!

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