Friday, March 9, 2012

March is National Quilting Month

While reading some emails, I discovered that this National Quilting Month....and there is a website that has a pattern to honor National Quilting Day which is March 17...St. Pat will love that!!  The  site also has several patterns for the past four or five years that can be downloaded for free.  These patterns are sponsored by the National Quilting Association which has a pretty extensive website with all kinds of info.

We have company coming for the weekend so I have been a baking fool...cookies, brownies, coffee cake etc.  All things that can be frozen for later eating if not cleaned up by our guests!

And rain and cold weather are complaints...after our terrible drought of last summer we will never turn down rain!!  But looks like a lot of sitting around visiting rather than getting out!  Again, no complaints...we have a lot of visiting to do!!!

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