Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Challenge # 60-Cirquital and Munchins

This week the Diva's challenge involved two tangles...Cirquital and Munchin.  

Here are the instructions for Cirquital from Maria and Rick's website.  They are the original "creator's" of Zentangle/ZIAs.  And below are the instructions for Munchin.


If you go to the Zentangle website, you can archive any of their patterns to see how to make them.  Another wonderful website to show how to make hundreds of zentangles is from Linda Farmer.  I use her website all the time when I want a new look to any ZIA.


  1. Lovely post...totally there for those who are interested in trying these two tangles. I love the open spaces in your tile. They really show off your beautiful tangling!

  2. love it when you post zentangle links ~ thank you~!!~
    i like what you've done with the two zentangles and what has grabbed most of my attention for some reason is the way that you've used the stippling (?) within your tangle.

    i'm going to give cirquital a try immediately~!


  3. Wow! That is really unique, I love it:)

  4. a very inspiring and unique way to do cirquital with the open sides - love it! Nice balance with just a touch of color; it's beautiful!

  5. Wow! They look like they're hurtling through space. Great job!