Friday, February 10, 2012

Challenge #57-UMT -Sanibelle

Challenge #57-UMY "Sanibelle" by arts1plus
Challenge #57 Sanibelle
The Diva's zentangle challenge for this week is created by Tricia Faraone and is named "Sanibelle". The feathery, leafy design is the zentangle chosen. The rest is just what happened as I doodled. And the UMT stands for Use My Tangle.
       My haiku to accompany this design is:
"Tricia's Sanibelle
An unplanned evolution.
Leaves, twigs and a nest!"


  1. This is fantastic! It appears to be floating in space.

  2. So spring has arrived with sanibelle on its wings....well at least in your challenge piece! We have been having spring like weather for almost a month and the first fooled subjects were the ants that came marching into the museum today...silly ants. I do love the idea of a nest....but wait a few more days little birdies! I love your page of gorgeous tangles and of course the star, sanibelle!

  3. I really enjoy the movement in this. Great job!