Sunday, February 26, 2012

Challenge #59-Mardi Gras

Challenge # 59- Mardi Gras

Last Monday the Diva chose as our weekly challenge the topic of "Mardi Gras" in honor of the beginning of Lent.  So, although I am posting a little late, here is my zentangle for the week.

When I was a kid I always liked the season of Lent.  I thought Ash Wednesday was very cool....we would go to mass in the morning then go to school.  Being a Catholic in a non-Catholic least being a minority...going to school with my ashes on my forehead was special. I would get a chance to look "different" and an opportunity to explain what it was all about.

Now as an adult, I still like the idea of Lent and Ash Wednesday although I look on it very differently.  I am much broader on my thinking of spirituality and all the whoop to do that goes with organized religion.  I still have great respect for the "good works" I see the Catholic church and a few others doing, but I do not care for the intolerance that I see in so many "christian" faiths including the Catholic Church.  I think I have finally found a "church" with which I can relate....the Unitarian Universalist Church.  Without getting "preachy", I recommend anyone who has had doubts about what is going on in the world today with the Religious Rights groups, etc....check out the UU.  The church I am becoming a member of is Westside UU in Fort Worth, Texas.

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  1. you've zentangled a wonderful mask for Mardi Gras~!