Sunday, February 5, 2012

Zentangle-HH (Harris Hospital-6th floor)

Last week, I spent several days in a hospital room, watching my husband improve from surgery. We are home now and he is almost back to normal. While there, I kept from going stir crazy by working on a zentangle...this is my creative representation of the hospital, 6th floor...tubes and way of a ZIA!
     Another product that helped my sanity was my Kindle Fire.  I just got it for Christmas and I love it.  I'm not big on cell phones except in emergencies; and I don't have a fancy phone or plan whereby I can take pictures or instantly post on Facebook, but I discovered I can do a great deal on my Kindle if I am in an area with WiFi.  The hospital (which I imagine is pretty common any more) has a guest connection.  So I could surf, check my emails, send emails, etc....and I had a book at hand and could down load some tv shows!! What  a world we live in!!!  I love most of the mom who has been gone nearly 18 years would also have loved it dad, gone fourteen years, would have hated it!!!!!


  1. the kindle fire sounds like quite the little gadget~! my dh has a kindle and he really likes it. he has rheumatoid arthritis and it bothers his hands to hold a book for very long. the kindle apparently doesn't.

    your time spent at the hospital sounds like it could have been very stressful. i'm glad that you had your zentangling to help keep your hands and mind quiet while things got sorted out.


  2. Are you sure abou those dates? Has Grandma really been gone 18 years or 17 years? As you know, of course, my math is always off some so it probably is here as well.