Sunday, December 11, 2011

Too many good eats!!!!!

This morning we went with our neighbor's to our favorite Brunch Place...Blue Mesa in Fort Worth!  Yummmy!!!!  The best salmon, salsa, eggs of any kind, ham...and mimosas!  I could go on but don't want to make you all too envious!

Then this afternoon Open House at a different neighbors...we all take turns hosting...everyone takes a goody to share and cookies for a cookie exchange...again..Yummmmmmy!  I was still so full from brunch though that I wasn't able to thoroughly enjoy all the open house offerings so I had to bring a "take home" bag with me!!

And another little Advent trivia to share....

The Lights of Christmas
The most obvious symbol of Christmas are lights – Christmas candles, window lights, luminaries, lights on the Advent Wreath and Christmas tree. All signifying that Jesus Christ is the Light of the world.

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  1. what a gorgeous photo to demonstrate your advent trivia~!