Friday, December 30, 2011

Almost a New Year

     Today, the 30th of December is New Year's Eve Eve...we are having some family and friends in tomorrow night so I was doing some cooking today...We are having a casual meal..soup and sandwiches, chips/queso, veggie platter, and cookie tray.  I decided to make a few bar cookies...blonde brownies, magic bars, and lemon bars....oh, and I have the kids decorated sugar cookies that I had frozen at Christmas to have for New Year's.

     So I am just a cooking all my stuff one batch in the oven, start on my lemon bars.  Got the first layer done and on the pan...I start to beat the eggs, cream cheese, and powdered sugar...going good...but my filling layer is just a little too thick..Now I haven't made lemon bars for quite awhile  but the directions say, after the ingredients are mixed POUR onto the bottom layer!  Well, there is no way this filling will POUR so I decide to add another egg...still just getting thicker and stickier...okay, let's try another, not much difference....let's add some lemon juice..after all, these are LEMON Bars!   Okay, that is a little better..still pretty thick..I can't POUR but I may be able to SPREAD the filling on...Just as I start to dump the filling on the bottom layer, a really loud bell goes off in my head!!!  Mystery solved!!  Do you know how much alike white flour and powdered sugar look when in the same type of clear plastic containers?  

      I just so happened to have enough ingredients to make a new filling for the lemon bars.  Baked them and then made the magic bars...all is well that ends well!!!  Then I look at that mass of cream cheese, 4 eggs, and two cups of flour...another light bulb...I hate to waste all I add other stuff like sugar, baking powder, vanilla etc...spread some coconut on top and baked those suckers!!!  Who knows, I may have created a whole new wonderful cookie bar...worthy of the local paper's Christmas cookie contest...or not!!!!

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