Monday, December 26, 2011

The Day After Christmas and all thru the House....

We spent a wonderful weekend with our daughter at her house...she cooked for us..entertained us..and treated us quite royally!!!!  We had taken our other daughter's dog with us as they were out of town for Christmas...the D. we visited has a young (not quite a year old) very lively puppy and the dog we are taking care of is getting pretty old!  So it was an adventure to see how they reacted to each very exuberant and the other quite grouchy!!!  In fact the older one was pretty traumatized for the first day and a half!!  But they finally somewhat tolerated each other...and made for a few funny moments!

Our daughter is a wonderful cook...albeit new at the whole thing...She fixed a delicious pork roast and all the fixin's for our Christmas dinner.  And I had already told her and my husband they would have to play games with me...that is how we spend Christmas when all together!!  So Christmas Day evening, the D. hooked up her Wii..and we discovered that I am a digital super athlete!!!  We played bowling, frisbee, and basketball and I kicked butt...beat both of them to pieces!!!!

So now we are home...the old dog is very happy to have her quiet space...we are 'way too stuffed...and looking forward to our own bed..I guess we are like the old dog in that respect!!!!  Great to go but also great to get home!!!

Still having trouble downloading pics!!!!

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