Friday, December 9, 2011

Merry, merry!

Christmas is fast approaching and I am actually almost through with shopping!  I have my Christmas cards all addressed and ready to go..then realized I have no stamps!  And living out in the boonies, I can't (or won't) dash into town to get some!  So they will have to wait until Monday to go out but that is still much earlier than my usual Post Christmas mailing!

Decorating was a breeze as we didn't put up a tree since we are going to the daughters' for Christmas....and didn't put up my one thousand and one Santas (maybe a slight exaggeration)...and haven't decorated cookies with the grands yet..but that may still happen as they have one more week of school.  Just have to do the wrapping, get stocking stuffer things, and I'm good!!!

My granddaughter announced her college decision over Thanksgiving...she will be attending University of Texas at Austin.  She applied to and was accepted by three colleges...UT, A&M and Tech...and UT won her over.  Her paternal grandad is Delighted!!!  He is a BIG alum and football fan; this is his third grandchild to go to college and the first to pick UT!

Busy week coming up: Sunday: brunch with the neighbors; Neighborhood open house; Monday: finish shopping; Tuesday/Wednesday: wrap and do some cooking; Thursday: table to decorate for the guild Christmas party; Friday: the party itself....and we always have a big show and tell so I am trying to get my "Larkin Van Horn Medallion Quilt" finished to better go get busy!

One more little Advent trivia:
This is a popular rendition of the Jesse Tree and is usually purchased in a religious goods store. It has windows to be opened each day during Advent, each displaying a feature of the coming of the Christ Child. On December 24 the door is opened, revealing the Nativity scene.


  1. i managed to pick up some of this year's Christmas forever stamps: "holiday baubles" and they're pretty cute~!

    glad to hear that your holiday is going so smoothly with lots of family celebrating to look forward to.


  2. First, I like the new layout and having "stuff" on only one side, it makes things easier to read.

    Second, I guess I really should start working on MY decorating since you all will be here in 2 short weeks!!