Saturday, December 10, 2011

Challenge # 51-"Fife"

The Diva's challenge for this week is "Fife".  It is a zentangle pattern by Molly Hollibaugh and while deciding what to do with it after I drew my string, I was looking through patterns on Linda Farmer's website to get some ideas and ended up using all "F" tangles!  So I included the names of all them in my Haiku.  Now for you non-tanglers out there...the names of patterns are kind of like abstract art...sometimes only the artist who created them knows for sure what the meaning of the title is!!  You just have to interpret the meaning for yourself!!

Challenge # 51-"Fife"

" The Challenge is "Fife".
Finery and Florz and Fluke
Fill my tangled tile!"
And while doing this challenge and looking at all the patterns out there...I have decided to challenge myself with doing each of them in Linda's list, alphabetically.  I am toying with a tile per letter...this is just my head decisions made yet!!

I also have joined a "round robin" quilt swap which I am excited about. It is under the direction of  Floribunda Quilts.  And I have a big "well...duh!" to my credit.  This morning I was cruising through her blog and was reading some of her older entries when I came upon an entry that told of a swap quilt she had sent to......ME!  I don't know why I did not make the connection before...chalk it up to senility, I guess!!

Swap Quilt from Floribunda....Isn't it great!!!!
And now I need to close and get busy on my Medallion Quilt...getting really close to the finished project!!

This is my completed medallion...working on getting it on a background and getting it all quilted!

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  1. Oh Jay, the medallion is WONDERFUL!! You did good. I have not finished mine. But you inspire me.